On this episode Dan talks with Dr. Sam Bakhtiar. Sam is a doctor, CEO, author, world-class bodybuilder, and multi-millionaire entrepreneur. He runs a fitness franchising business, The Camp Transformation Center, with 110 locations and two different supplement and nutrition companies.

On this episode

We learn about Sam’s backstory as an immigrant from Iran and growing up in Sharon Pennsylvania.

How Sam stays focused, manages his energy levels, and increases his longevity by eating only one meal a day.

The story of how Sam took 1 personal training location and turned it into an empire with 116 locations today.

How Sam transformed his own physique from a scrawny, awkward kid to a Champion bodybuilder with 23 major bodybuilding titles.

How Sam worked through adversity like the recession, bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosures, and more by becoming crystal clear on his goals and putting in the hard work to become successful.

Sam shares his time management blueprint on how to get the most out of life both in business and at home with his family.

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