On this episode Dan sits down with meditation teacher Mary Maddux. Mary has been meditating for over 40 years and has worked with thousands of people worldwide. She is also the co-creator of the uber-popular Mediation Oasis podcast and apps.

On this episode

Mary shares her story of how and why she started meditating.

Why you should meditate.  The benefits.

The biggest misconceptions about meditation

Mary offers simple ways you can start meditating now.

Is there is an effective minimum does for meditation?

Biggest challenge new mediators face and how to overcome it.

Dan shares how he looks at meditation as a brain hack.  Getting your mind in shape, just like you’d get your body in shape.

The sweet spot in meditation where the world fades away.

Tips on how to make meditation a habit.

*BONUS – Mary takes listeners through a quick but effective 3 Minute Guided Meditation

Links from the Show

Meditation Oasis website.

Free Meditation RX app

Insight Timer app

Mary’s Meditations on Insight Timer app with over 6 Million Plays

Transcendental Meditation