On this episode Dan sits down with Dr. Jeff Spencer. Jeff is a former Olympian and over the last 40 years has worked with some of our generation’s most successful icons: Tiger Woods, U2, Richard Branson, 40 Olympic Gold medalist, just to name a few. In this episode shares how to build a championship mindset.

On this episode

Jeff share his story of how he became an Olympian at the age of 11.

Lance, U2, and Tiger Woods. What the high performers do better than everyone else and how the achieve their results.

7 Steps to the Champion Blueprint.

Developing the skill to achieve the goal, to the extent that you can’t get it wrong.

Why everyone needs a mentor.

The first steps in goal pursuit and the gift of the first little success.

The importance behind understanding and naming the different phases of goal pursuit.

How to push through the grind. 

The war going on 24 hours a day between our champion mindset and our survival instincts

Sun Tzu “If you know yourself you know your enemy.”

Jeff’s table of decades so you can understand what’s going on in your life based upon your age. 

The most important decision that we can make every day

Links from the Show

Dr. Jeff Spencer’s website where you can connect with him and download his latest white paper: “How to not blow it right before you win.”

Dr. Jeff Spencer’s linked in

The Art of War by Sun Tzu