Dr. Joshua Partnow, an ER Doctor in Los Angeles at a hospital with one of highest number of COVID 19 cases in California, sits down with Dan this week. They do a deep dive into what it’s like on the frontlines battling COVID, what you can expect if you come in for a test, why COVID is extremely different than the flu, the biggest mistake you’re making when wearing a mask, travel advice, getting back to the gym, best practices to keep you safe and much, much more.

On this episode

Why it’s so dangerous for the frontline workers.

How Emergency room doctors and staff are gearing up to fight the battle against getting infected and what you can do too.

Step by step breakdown of what happens when you go to the emergency room and think you might have COVID 19.

The 3 different treatment plans for COVID 19 based upon the severity of your symptoms

The biggest mistakes people make when wearing masks that are crucial for you to know.

How COVID 19 is EXTREMELY different than the FLU and what you need to know, from a doctor who runs the busiest emergency room in Los Angeles.

How the death rates for those who are intubated has skyrocketed from 5% to 80-100%.

How those getting blood clots and strokes usually are NOT the sickest patients

Is it okay to smoke pot once in a while or are you putting yourself at danger?

What is happy hypoxia

Does vitamin C help? And how much is too much?

How Josh feels about reopening of the country and practices that you should follow to keep safe. 

What places to avoid once your city reopens.

How massive numbers of infected people are still coming into the hospital, showing the curve has NOT flattened in Los Angeles.

The importance of coming into the ER for other illnesses and how they’ve made it safe for you.

What you can do to support the frontline workers.

The cost to the frontline workers’ families and how it’s affecting them.

Best practices and how to gear up if you have or want to take a flight.

The protocol for sanitizing and reusing your mask.

Is it safe to send your kid to camp?

When will the gym open and best practices you can follow once they open?

How the government completely botched the COVID 19 response. 

The antibody test for COVID 19 and why the results aren’t helpful.

Can someone catch COVID 19 a second time? 

How Space X and Elon Musk stepped in to test all the emergency staff at Josh’s hospital.

Josh’s thoughts and advice for traveling to hotels.

Josh’s predictions for the future.

Links from the Show

Los Angeles department of health

The Envo Mask kit Josh recommends

Space X that provided the free test for Josh’s entire hospital staff

VEP Healthcare