Dave “Thundrbro” Lipson sits down with Dan this week. They do a deep dive into what it takes to pack on muscle, lose body fat and transform your body. Dave has a background in professional baseball strength and conditioning. He’s known as the trainer’s trainer and has also trained entertainment celebrities, professional MLB and NFL athlete and Crossfit Games champions.

On this episode

The question everyone must ask themselves BEFORE they start working out.

Your body’s age versus your chronicle age and why that’s important.

The price of chasing elite performance.

The sweet spot between Crossfit and bodybuilding

Dave shares how he created the ThundrBro brand that’s a little bit Hulk Hogan meets Nitro that is where bro science meets real science.

The shame that goes with trying to live up to your past expectations and how to overcome it.

Dan’s hate for athletes that don’t come clean about steroid use because it makes the regular guy feel like he’s underachieving when he doesn’t get the same results training clean.   

How a mindset coach changed everything for David after his back injury

How to use little wins every day to achieve big goals

The number one mistake people make when trying to put muscle on

The “time under tension” principle and how you can start using it now to pack on muscle

The proven step by step plan that you can start on how to lose body fat. 

How to train to gain weight versus getting cut.

Links from the Show

Dave’s Thundrbro website that’s chock full of training tips and workout plans.

Hypertrophy For Functional Fitness: Bridging the Gap Between Aesthetics and Performance by Dave Lipson

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