former CrossFit professional athlete, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, shares tools, tips and strategies that helped her become “The Fittest Woman on Earth,” build a successful business, and maintain a thriving marriage. By striving to leave people better than she found them, obtaining her degree in chemical engineering, and becoming a world champion, Camille truly embodies the Gladiator Way. Camille hails from Quebec, Canada and currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and former guest on the podcast, Dave “Thundrbro” Lipson.

On this episode

Camille shares where she got the competitive drive and what fuels her.

How she applied her chemical engineering background to her sports performance on the way to a championship

How to build a foundation in your sport

Camille’s step by step formula on how to build self-discipline

The key to becoming a champion that most people won’t do.

How to push through the fatigue and shut down the connection to your brain that says you’re tired or can’t do this.

The act of finding pride and joy in who you are by seeing what you can do and be

Camille gets a laugh when Dan talks about going through menopause

The medical tests that made Camille quit Crossfit

The transition from competitor to coach

How to train for health and wellness and to look good and feel good

How to eat the things you love and still lose weight

Links from the Show

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