Tracy helps people rise up into their power, purpose and potential using Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT). In this episode she shareshow to change your life and become the best version of yourself. Dan“Nitro” Clark also shares his thoughts on RTT after Tracy put him through an RTT session and discusses if it’s something you should consider.

On this episode

Meet Tracy Litt, a certified mindset coach, best-selling author ,Rapid Transformational Therapist(RTT), and awe-inspiring speaker. She is the founder of a personal growth and coaching company called the Litt Factor, and author of Worthy Human, an inspirational and empowering book. Whenever someone tells me they can help transform people, I always want to know: How? What are the steps? And… does it actually work? Tracy was willing to put her money where her mouth is. So I jumped in, using myself as a guinea pig, and went through a two-hour session with Tracy. I’ll share my results after the episode. In the episode…we discuss how to take ownership of your actions, feel like you’re enough, and how to transform your life throughTracy’s4-step “Change” framework. When you listen to this episode have a pen and notebook ready. There are nuggets you’ll want to write down and remember.

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