In this episode, Dan “Nitro” Clark sits down with two of his lifelong friends, Mel Black and Frank McFadden, to discuss racial inequality, social injustice and George Floyd. The purpose of this episode was for Dan to get a deeper understanding from two of his best friends on their experience growing up African American in the USA.

On this episode

Why Dan didn’t realize to what extent anti-black racism remains a real and present danger.

A deeper understanding of the roots of racism in this country.

Systemic oppression – Do we unrealistically expect poor or under-privileged people to “rise up” from their circumstances or is the system really against them?

Do African-American mothers tell their sons different things about the police than white mothers?

Frank shares a racist experience he had with Dan when looking for an apartment.

How the George Floyd murder affected Frank and Mel.

The trio discuss if the majority of cops are bad and if we really need to defund the police departments- when we know that #8cantwait reduces police violence by 72 percent.

The hidden racism in the middle class that is still prevalent today.

Why does crack get a more severe criminal charge than cocaine?

Why do the US have 5 percent of the population in the world but 25 percent of the prison population?

The problem with the industrialized prison system: We spent 6 billion dollars in 1980 versus 80 billion dollars in 2019. 

The benefits achieved so far from the protests

How we move forward as a country by having open conversations and educating ourselves on the history of cruelty that hides in the silence in our country. 

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