On today’s show Dan “Nitro” Clark talks about SEX with British sex therapist and transformational NLP coach, Simone Bienne. Dan was looking for an easy “paint the by the numbers” approach, but apparently sex is complicated. In this episode Simone shares tips and strategies for better sex and a better life.

On this episode

On this episode:

How the pandemic is affecting sex in America.

How we all deal with stress and grief differently.

The difference between the male and the female sexual arousal cycle .

The fragility of sexuality.

Can breathing through left nostril actually make you have better sex?

The perfect balance for good sex.

Why the word intimacy makes most men cringe and how to bring more of it to the bedroom.

How to solve the frequency issue between couples.

Dan shares how he was sexualized at a young age when his father ran a brothel when he was 10 years old.

How to be more spontaneous in the bedroom.

The one word that ruins sex.

How a sex therapist practices good sex.

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