On today’s show Dan “Nitro” Clark talks with George Mumford, the Mindfulness coach for MJ, Kobe, and the Championship Bulls and Lakers. In this episode George dishes on the mental aspect to championship performance and how you can achieve it, regardless of your sport or skill level. He also goes deep into getting off drugs, finding a better way to live with love and compassion.

On this episode

The “Mental Mojo” coach for MJ, Kobe, and the Championship Bulls and Lakers dishes on the mental aspect, the inside game, to championship performance.

George shares his journey from functioning heroin addict to becoming one of the premiere sport mindfulness coaches on the planet.

In 1984, George got clean but had to learn how to manage the pain without the drugs. That desperation led him to be open to something new: meditation.

Based on Neuroscience and physiology, how meditation helps with addiction.

Why Phil Jackson called George in to work with the Bulls in 1993.

How George approached his work with the Chicago Bulls and Lakers.

Why Kobe and Michael Jordan were his best students.

Why willpower isn’t enough to change.

How to you direct your mind to do what’s best for you.

3 Questions to ask yourself for clarity on your life.

What is the Ass on Fire method?

How to get out of survival mode into success mode.

How being in the moment is act of love.

The biggest challenge to new meditators.

The goal of getting ourselves to do what we say we want to do?

How to create space and manage anger and rage.

The best way to enroll those closest to us to practice meditation

How to pursue excellence with grace and ease.

Links from the Show

Connect with George on his website.

George’s Mindful Athlete Course (check it now)!

George’s book “The Mindful Athlete Secrets to Pure Sports Performance.”