David Emerson Frost, a certified Fitness Master Trainer, rowing champion, a decorated NAVY veteran and award-winning adjunct professor sits down with Dan “Nitro” Clark today. They dive into Dave’s KABOOMER book and the keys to staying fit, happy and healthy for Baby boomers.

On this episode

Dave and Dan talk about “living the dream” over the age of 50.

Dave shares the 7 S’s of wellness over forty.  Dan pushes him to add an 8th – SEX.

The secrets of the Blue Zone longevity.

Dan Nitro almost faints when he finds out a he’s a baby boomer.

How closed chain exercise movements should be the basis of your exercise plan.

Why the rower is one of the best total body exercises you can do.

Dave dispels Dan’s idea that males are more competitive than females.

Dan Nitro shares his latest fitness craze that he’s just loving.

The importance of dialing in your testosterone levels.

Menopause for guys. Is it real?  And what can we do to combat it?

First steps for those over 50 who haven’t exercised in quite a while.

How the 40 billion-dollar industrialized food industry is making us fat.

Is there such as a fat gene?

How chronic Stress is ruining our health.

Links from the Show

Dave Emerson Frost’s website: Well Past Forty

Dave’s book KABOOMER – Thriving and Striving into your 90s

KARVONNEN method which estimates maximum training heart rate.

Facebook: @WellPastForty

Twitter: @defptrainer 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kaboomerkoach/ 

LinkedIn: David E. Frost