Stephen Scoggins, a bestselling author, an award winning multi-million-dollar entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, shares his journey from running a business from the back of a borrowed car, to a $40 million empire that employs 380 people. And how to go from stuck to unstoppable.

On this episode

Stephen shares his journey going from homeless to successful entrepreneur.

How to break the cycle of your past.

Why whole people should marry whole people.

The mentor who changes Stephen’s life and the advice he gave him.

The difference between a rich man and a poor man.

The motto that changed Stephan’s life that he lives by today.

How digging through the trash became the foundation of his 9-figure business.

Dan shares how his mom who never made more than $40k a year became a millionaire

Dan reveals the stupid thing he did with the first big money he earned and what he should have done instead.

The 3 major questions in life you need to ask yourself to transform.

4 phases of Transformation.

Where most people get stuck with in the process.

How to go from unstuck to unstoppable.

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The Journey Principles by Stephen Scoggins.